Rollup Recovery Systems is a system that utilizes a collection agency and a network of attorneys that span the country. We’ve negotiated a FREE to LIST program.  

They are the pros with over 64,000 successful collections and a Legal team that has been in business for 27 years.

FREE TO LIST! We offer a "free to list" program so that you don't go into more debt trying to collect the debt. Book a quick Discovery call here.

Just some of what we do for our clients.....

  • List your bad debt to collections for FREE! No set up fees

  • The account will be listed to a 3rd Party Collection Agency

  • The debtor will receive a letter that the account was placed for collections

  • The debt will be reported to thier credit under the Collection Agency

  • Professionally assertive collections calls will start

  • Asset searches begin on the accounts that ignore our efforts

  • We will review the cases with you case by case for legal action

  • Small Claims mentorship

  • We will front the Attorney Fees on accounts approved for suit